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Derek Carr Distraught After Reading ‘Hard Knocks’ Script Where He Stabs Antonio Brown In Season Finale

NAPA, CA—Revealing that the writing staff kept his character arc a secret up until the final days, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr felt distraught Friday after reading the scene in his Hard Knocks finale script where he stabs Antonio Brown. “I know the showrunners have been setting up AB’s downfall, but it is still hard to know that I’m going to drive a knife right into his heart,” said Carr, tearfully recalling his role as one of Brown’s biggest supporters in the locker room before his inevitable betrayal of the increasingly unhinged wide receiver. “I know they’ve done these twist endings in the past like when Baker [Mayfield] stabbed Hue Jackson in the back last year. And I get that his character has been pretty arrogant, but this is just a harsh fall for someone who had great expectations. Our audience really loves him, too, so I can only imagine how shaken up they’ll be to watch him killed off.” At press time, Hard Knocks execs revealed that they asked Antonio Brown to adopt the nickname “Mr. Big Chest” this offseason to foreshadow his demise.

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