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Disney+ Debuts New ‘Star Wars’ Show About Yoda Battling Testicular Cancer

BURBANK, CA—Calling the series a grueling but ultimately hopeful addition to the sci-fi universe, streaming service Disney+ debuted Dagobah Diaries this week, a show about Yoda’s battle against testicular cancer. “Having squared off against the Sith and Count Dooku’s insidious forces, Yoda starts battling his toughest foe yet when he finds a lump on his right testicle,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said of the miniseries, which follows the Jedi master’s struggle to contend with mounting hospital bills and fears of infertility in what the executive called a “raw, unvarnished space opera,” observing that it provides a glimpse at the heartache that comes from vying with testicular cancer “in a galaxy far, far away.” “Initially, he does his own research and attempts to treat himself using midi-chlorian therapy he found on the internet. But eventually, in a tear-filled scene sure to break the hearts of some fans, he’s convinced by his long-term girlfriend that it’s time to take things seriously and get his cancerous testicle removed by a lightsaber-wielding doctor. Since this takes place immediately after the Jedi Order has fallen, though, Yoda has lost his health insurance. So it’s unfortunately difficult for him to get treatment. That’s really where the second act of the season kicks in.” At press time, fans had praised the series for a Mark Hamill cameo in which Yoda is deftly depicted advising a middle-aged Luke to get his prostate checked.

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