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Facebook Announces Human Trafficking Now Allowed On Marketplace

MENLO PARK, CA—Saying the platform had been streamlined to better serve its billions of users, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that human trafficking was now allowed on Facebook Marketplace. “Starting today, any user over 18 years old can buy, sell, and trade people on Facebook,” Zuckerberg said as he demonstrated the new feature by typing the word “bride” into the search bar and setting a distance limit of two miles from his location, which yielded dozens of results. “Facebook is all about connection, and Marketplace can connect you with human beings of all races and ages who are for sale for any purpose you can imagine. Whether you’re a warlord looking to add more child soldiers to your army or just a regular basement freak, Facebook Marketplace allows you to cut out the middleman and deal with human traffickers directly. Who knows what bargains you’ll find?” Zuckerberg later urged users to be wary of scams, including FBI agents posing as authentic sellers.

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