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Greyhound Announces Successful Bus Voyage To View The Titanic

DALLAS—A milestone in private deep-sea travel was reportedly reached Friday when Greyhound Lines announced the completion of a successful bus voyage to view the wreck of the Titanic. “We’re pleased to share that Greyhound passengers were treated to the rare sight of the wreck of the Titanic some 12,500 feet down on the ocean floor during a recent 10-hour bus voyage from Newark,” said Greyhound spokesperson Delilah Marcello, adding that the company had sold 47 tickets on the 56-seat capacity bus and would continue offering the route down to the 111-year-old shipwreck as long as there were enough passengers willing to pay $40 for a round-trip ticket. “We were pleased with the bus’s maiden voyage, and most of our customers reported a relatively smooth and pleasant journey. We did remind passengers that there wouldn’t be any food available at our destination and that they could only get out of the bus at the Titanic to stretch their legs, but there are always some complaints from people who don’t listen to the announcements. Customers were also treated to showings of BASEketball and Frozen en route and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and The Polar Express on the return trip, as well as the amusing observations of bus operator Darrell, who joined us halfway through when we switched drivers at the wreckage. Overall, we believe that any customer who wants to view one of the most famous shipwrecks in history would be pleased with their experience on a Greyhound bus.” Company officials added that they believed they could accomplish future bus trips to view the Titanic in about nine hours, as they had lost time trying to track down a passenger who wandered away at the wreckage site.

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