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Hormel Introduces New Chili Formula For Mothers Who Can’t Produce Own Chili

AUSTIN, MN—Touting the product as an easy, delicious way to nourish a newborn, packaged meat processor Hormel Foods introduced a new chili formula Friday for mothers unable to produce their own chili. “With Hormel’s unique powdered chili formula, new mothers can ensure their baby gets all the essential beef, bean, and cheese nutrients they need to hit important developmental milestones,” read a press release from the company, which added that just one package of the powder, which comes in chunky beef, turkey, and Coney Island flavors, could provide an infant with over 40 bottles of delicious homestyle stew. “Unfortunately, 70% of women face difficulties during chili lactation, including engorged gravy sacks, clogged beef glands, and problems getting the baby to latch due to a spicy nipple. While parenthood comes with plenty of challenges, having to worry about your child getting enough breast chili shouldn’t have to be one of them.” At press time, Hormel was reportedly forced to issue a recall of the new product due to labels on the package that recommend serving the baby chili piping hot and topped with cheese, sour cream, and crunchy tortilla strips.

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