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Jared Goff Pissed He Had To Miss Friend’s Super Bowl Party For Work

ATLANTA—Claiming that he had been looking forward to the gathering, Rams quarterback Jared Goff told reporters Sunday that he was totally pissed about missing his friend’s annual Super Bowl party for work. “Dan’s Super Bowl parties are always the best. He has a huge TV and springs for really good beer—it’s such bullshit that I had to miss it because of my job,” said Goff, who complained that he only found out a couple weeks beforehand that he had to travel on Super Bowl weekend. “He makes this awesome chili dip and has a huge plate of homemade nachos to go with it, too. It sucks knowing everyone is there having a good time on Super Bowl Sunday and I have to be here busting my ass. I don’t get to be in the squares pool either. Last year, I won 75 bucks.” At press time, a surly Goff was pacing the sidelines, flipping through his phone, and liking photos of the party on Instagram.

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