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Kid Only Pitcher Because He’s Son Of Coach, Gets Daily One-On-One Training, Goes To Pitching Camp Every Summer

SOUDERTON, PA—Expressing frustration that he has not actually earned his position, Little League sources told reporters Friday that Rory Peters was only the team’s starting pitcher because he’s the son of Coach P, gets daily one-on-one training, and goes to an intensive pitching camp for six weeks every summer. “It’s total bullshit that Rory starts every game just because his dad forces him to practice two hours a night,” said an anonymous source close to the team, dismissing Peters’ standing on the ball club as the product of nepotism and an unbroken focus that has been imposed on him by his father since the age of five. “It’s discouraging to the rest of us to know that we would be up there if we were the coach’s kid and had all his knowledge and effort poured into us. I mean, Peters has a decent fastball, but he’s really not that special. Why not give a chance to someone who isn’t your kid and isn’t half as good as him?” At press time, teammates were taunting Peters for being a little suck up and staying after practice to work on his mechanics.

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