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Little League Coach Thinks Right Fielder Has Potential To Be A Great Novelist

ARDMORE, PA—Praising the 10-year-old’s intangibles and feel for the craft, little league coach Grant Wardell revealed Wednesday that starting right fielder Aiden Lattimore has the potential to become a great novelist. “I put Aiden out in right field so he can see the whole game and make trenchant observations about how it changed his peers,” said Wardell, who claims he was blown away by Lattimore’s ability to daydream while running bases and spin amazing stories about why he was late to practice. “I knew he had something special when I saw how hard he was on himself. Not to mention his vocabulary when he strikes out. Most kids just say, “I suck,” but he really turns a phrase. These tools are going to translate at the next level when he joins a creative writing MFA program.” At press time, team sources said Lattimore showed “flashes of brilliance” by choosing to sit alone while his teammates ate at an ice cream parlor.

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