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Media Condemns Biden For Baseless Claim That Nation Will Come Together Once Election Over

NEW YORK—Blasting the former vice president for spreading misinformation at this perilous time for democracy, media figures across the political spectrum condemned Joe Biden Friday for his baseless claim that the nation will come together once the election was over. “Shame on Vice President Biden for perpetuating these baseless conspiracy theories and outright lies about us somehow binding up the nation’s wounds and uniting for the common good behind the ideals of the republic,” said CNN’s Jake Tapper in an extended harangue in which he lambasted Biden for living in a “delusional fantasy” in which the American people had the capacity to put aside their petty differences and look toward the better angels of their nature to forge a more perfect union. “What’s worse is that he uses this rhetoric about peacemaking and civility without a single thought to how dangerous it is to put such ideas into the minds of his followers. Where’s the evidence for this nonsense? There is none. This is America, you don’t just say things like that. Shame on him. This has never happened in 244 years of this country’s existence, and it certainly won’t happen now.” At press time, Tapper had rapidly cut away from a press conference in which Biden described the lofty democratic ideals of the founding fathers in order to call the presidential candidate’s beliefs pathetic.

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