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Millions Of ‘Last Dance’ Viewers Hooked By Thrilling Benny The Bull Paternity Suit Story

WASHINGTON—Pulling in sports fans with its lurid, never-before-seen footage of the ’97-’98 Bulls behind-the-scenes drama, viewers of The Last Dance docuseries flocked to social media Sunday to admit they were hooked by the thrilling Benny The Bull paternity suit storyline. “He had the full support of the team, but we all noticed the accusations affected his performance on the trampoline,” said Bulls center Luc Longley of the docu-series episode that fans and critics are calling “captivating,” and which included a difficult-to-watch scene in which Benny receives the results of a DNA test and destroys the locker room in frustration. “I remember the child’s mother just screaming at Benny right before Game 3 of that Pacers series. He’s grown up a lot since then and has family now, but I’ll never forget watching him storm out of a courtroom and call her a gold digger. Eventually, [Scottie] Pippen sat him down and told him he needed to do right by his son.” At press time, viewers were stunned by the “bombshell” revelation that Michael Jordan legally changed his son’s name from Benny to Marcus after the mascot slept with his then-girlfriend.

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