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New Absolut Ad Features Swaying Mom With One Eye Closed Telling Camera She Used To Dance

STOCKHOLM—With sales of the spirit reportedly tripling after the commercial was broadcast in the United States, Swedish vodka brand Absolut debuted a new ad Wednesday that features a mom swaying back and forth with one eye closed as she tells the camera how she used to dance. “Your mom was quite the dancer, you know,” says the slurring subject of the 30-second spot, who spins around her dining room and spills most of the vodka from a glass, twirling what seems to be an invisible partner as she repeatedly bumps into furniture and struggles to maintain her balance. “I was a real looker, too. Not that your father ever noticed. He never dances with me anymore. No one does. Did you know I once had an audition to dance in a Maroon 5 video? But then your father went and knocked me up, and that was that. Now we have you, though! So come on. Come dance with Mommy.” The ad concludes abruptly with the mother beginning to cry when, for no particular reason, she suddenly remembers the death of Princess Diana.

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