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NFL Reformers Criticize Cowboys-To-Broadcast Booth Pipeline

NEW YORK—Denouncing the corrupt system that sees the Dallas elite jumping into powerful positions with no competition, NFL reformers issued a statement Wednesday criticizing the league’s Cowboys-to-broadcast booth pipeline. “All these people do is land a position or coaching job on the Cowboys, and that guarantees a cushy commentary gig no matter how incompetent they are,” said activist leader Darin Soto, attacking the system that put Jimmy Johnson and Michael Irvin in the booth as degrading both the quality of the announcing and the game itself. “These entitled Cowboys push out far more qualified people simply because of their personal connection to Dallas. It creates a situation where people try to get on the Cowboys for the sole focus of advancing their career in the booth. How do you explain someone like Jason Witten getting a broadcast job when he clearly has no business talking?” At press time, Soto was urging the NFL to institute a 10-year ban on Cowboys players receiving jobs at FOX and ESPN.

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