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Nick Bosa Frustrated Some Guy Always Standing In Way When He’s Trying To Rush Pocket

MIAMI—Throwing up his hands in frustration after yet another play where he failed to produce a sack, 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa expressed annoyance Sunday that every time he tried to rush the passer some guy ended up standing in his way. “What the hell? How am I supposed to get inside the pocket when there is some huge inconsiderate moron blocking my path?” said Bosa, who complained that no matter what direction he went or how nicely he asked, some “giant doofus” was always insistent on not getting out of his way. “I’m just trying to do my job here, and these guys decide they have to be difficult about it? I don’t stop you from doing your job. They’re all really big, too; I can barely see past them, let alone run. I would assume it’s just an accident but it’s happened every play so far. Goddamn idiots, just let me by, it’s not that hard.” At press time, Bosa had gone to complain to the refs after a second large man teamed up with the first one to obstruct his path to the quarterback.

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