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Orioles Suggest That MLB Maybe Consider Canceling Entire Season Just To Be Totally Safe

BALTIMORE—Insisting that this was an abundance of caution around the coronavirus and absolutely nothing else, the players and staff of the Baltimore Orioles suggested to the MLB Friday that they should consider just canceling the entire season to be safe. “We just think that given the risk there is really no reason why we should have to go out there and play 182 games this year—we just care about people’s safety is all,” said pitcher Alex Cobb, who assured reporters that the team’s lack of desire to play through the 2020 season was purely altruistic in every way. “Why play against the Yankees and the Red Sox game after game with this horrible infectious disease out there. It might seem safe to just take a month off, but it could come roaring back in the middle of July when we are already 40 games under .500, not that that matters at all. We’re just thinking about the fans and their health, nothing else.” Cobb added that given the severity of the situation and the disruption of the coronavirus, the MLB might consider just starting the entire league over from scratch next year just to be fair.

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