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Sammy Watkins Stops Running In Middle Of Route To Look Around, Soak In This Special Moment

MIAMI—Taking a deep breath while gazing at the massive cheering crowd, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins reportedly stopped running in the middle of his route during Sunday’s Super Bowl so he could savor the special moment. “You work your whole life to get to this place, but you don’t always stop and appreciate it,” said the six-year veteran, who cut his slant route short 4 yards from the line of scrimmage, closed his eyes, and just listened to the noise of the game in an attempt to savor his unique situation. “You might only get a few fleeting moments like this. It’s good to slow down and take stock instead of worrying about running some curl or blocking a pass rusher. There are a lot of stressed-out players around me right now that I see could probably benefit from some mindful introspection, too.” At press time, Watkins had left the field to go take a photo with the “Super Bowl LIV” banner in front of the stadium so he would have something to remember the day.

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