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Scientists Announce That Unexplored Parts Of Ocean Probably Contain More Water

CAMBRIDGE, MA—Advancing a bold new theory that could revolutionize the way scientists think about the planet, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced Monday that the unexplored parts of the world’s oceans probably contain more water. “While we can’t say with certainty what lay in those deep recesses of the sea we have yet to observe firsthand, chances are there’s a bunch of water in there,” said Adrian Yu, an MIT professor who along with his colleagues spent decades studying what is considered one of the great mysteries of science before concluding the unseen reaches of the ocean are likely full of water, as well as waves, tides, and, in the colder regions, ice. “We’re pretty sure the water is salt water, too. If you go deep enough, there might also be sand or mud down there, but more research is needed before we can say definitely. It’s all pretty standard ocean stuff, though.” Leading oceanographers hailed the finding, calling it the greatest advancement in the field since last year’s discovery of a sophisticated undersea civilization of tiny merfolk who ride around on seahorses and talk to dolphins.

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