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Sean McDermott Wonders If He Still Needs To Act Angry Even If Everyone Already Knows Bills Going To Lose

BUFFALO, NY—Watching his team fail miserably while attempting to convert yet another third down and long, Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott wondered Sunday if he still needed to act angry even though everyone already knew the Bills were going to lose. “I mean, everybody saw this coming, should I even bother raising my voice or acting like I’m disappointed? Who would I be fooling?” said McDermott, noting that it would be pretty disingenuous to call out his players as if he or anyone else expected anything other than total incompetence on the field. “I guess I could make a whole show of yelling or throwing my headset and kicking something over, but everybody would see right through that charade. It would honestly be kind of embarrassing to even pretend I thought we had a chance at winning. People would think I’m a moron.” At press time, McDermott had issued a half-hearted “let’s go” to his offense followed by three apathetic claps.

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