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Sean McVay Begs Mother To Let Him Stay Up To Coach Rest Of Super Bowl

ATLANTA—Promising that he would go to bed “right after” the game ended, Rams head coach Sean McVay begged his mother to let him stay up Sunday night so he can call plays for the rest of Super Bowl LIII. “C’mon, Mom, just one more hour! Pretty please! We’re so close, I can’t just pause the game now,” said McVay, reminding his mother, Cindy, that he doesn’t have to get up early at all tomorrow morning and promising to “do double chores” if she let him finish coaching the biggest game of the year. “It’s not fair that Bill [Belichick] gets to stay up and coach just because he’s older. It’s the Super Bowl, Mom, this is really important. You already made me miss the NFC championship to have dinner with Grandma!” At press time, McVay’s mom had finally relented and told him he could coach for one more quarter if he got into his pajamas.

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