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Skip Bayless Reminds Viewers Gas Never Hit $5 Per Gallon During Michael Jordan’s Era

LOS ANGELES—Declaring that fans would “never again” see a comparable player or prices, Skip Bayless reminded viewers Monday that gas never hit $5 per gallon during the Michael Jordan era. “When Jordan captured his first title, you could fill up your entire car for $19—I’m talking the entire tank for under 20 bucks,” said Bayless, who scoffed at co-host Shannon Sharpe’s assertion that he was completely overlooking the 1990 oil crisis that caused widespread sticker shock at the pumps following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. “$1.06 in 1998. Can you believe that? Back when Jordan was the most dominant player in the NBA, you could afford to fill up your entire tank of gas, and grab a snack for the road. Face the facts!” At press time, Bayless added he wouldn’t even consider placing Lebron James in his top five of all time considering the rising price of meat.

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