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Sean McVay Gives Passionate Speech Reminding Players Who They Are And Why They Wearing Same Clothes

INGLEWOOD, CA—Calling a timeout to give his team a chance to reset, Rams head coach Sean McVay reportedly gave a passionate speech at the Super Bowl on Sunday reminding his players who they were and why they were wearing the same clothes. “Remember, you’re all here because you’re on a team together playing football, which is a game where two teams compete to score the most points, and wearing the same shirt means you’re on the same team, okay, guys?” McVay was heard to say before turning to quarterback Matthew Stafford and reminding him that his name was Matthew and his job was to throw the football to the guys with the same clothes as him. “Remember what we practiced, which is good plays for football. You need to go out there and play hard because playing football is your profession. You’ve got millions of people watching you play, which is totally normal, because they like to watch people who are really good at the game, and you’re the ones who are really good at it. Look at all those people up there wearing clothes the same color as your clothes because they appreciate what you do and want to win. They’re not on the team, though. They’re just watching. Remember that as you go out there and try to beat the other team. They’re the ones over there, with clothes that are a different color than your clothes. I don’t know what the numbers on the shirts are for, though. That’s a mystery for another day. Okay, now get out there and win!” McVay reportedly finished his passionate speech by reminding players that they were there to win, and not to do a puzzle, make healthy snacks, do chores, go on a walk, or play baseball.

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