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The Pros And Cons Of Attending College

A four-year degree can open doors to a bright future, though many people don’t think it will benefit their career path. Here are some pros and cons of attending college:


Able to engage with a diverse new group of people from all over southwestern OhioIdentity worth more on black market when paired with B.A.Basically no other way to join a cappella groupIntroduced to entire network of alums from which you might garner unpaid internshipDwindling number of places to march to “Pomp And Circumstance” these days


Demand for critical thinking at 40-year lowDisplaying bachelor’s degree requires costly frame purchaseCurrent service economy chiefly interested in how clean you keep your carAgony of watching the fencing team repeatedly feint in obvious parry situationsCan always read Physics For Scientists And Engineers: A Strategic Approach on your own time

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