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Vontaze Burfict Expresses Deep Regret For Letting Jack Doyle Live

OAKLAND, CA—Admitting he was heartbroken over his mistake against the Colts, Oakland Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict expressed deep regret Friday that he let Indianapolis tight end Jack Doyle live. “This goes against who I am as a player and the very spirit of the game. I’m sorry Jack was able to leave the field in anything other than a body bag,” said Burfict, adding that the remorse for not fully squaring up on Doyle and delivering a lethal blow to his head was becoming too much to bear. “I’ve been looking back at it all week and I grimace every time I see it. If I had done my job right, he would’ve been laid out on the ground struggling for life instead of remaining conscious and breathing during the whole thing. I am incredibly sorry I pulled up and admit I am taking this lapse in judgment very seriously. This is not what I was hired to do.” Burfict also conceded that the NFL had done their job in suspending him, and that he would have handed down the same punishment to any other player who had failed to deliver a life-ending blow to one of their opponents.

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