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Astros Fan Announcing Game 7 After Joe Buck Scalps Press Pass For $25,000

HOUSTON—Saying the offer for such good seats at the deciding game of the World Series was too good to pass up, Houston Astros fan Victor Buckley was announcing game seven Wednesday after Joe Buck scalped his press pass for $25,000. “I went down there before the game hoping to score a ticket, and this guy was just standing outside the parking lot trying to unload his press pass, so I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot,” said Buckley, adding that he was fortunate to be carrying some cash on him and was able to talk Buck down from his original asking price of $35,000 for the seat in Minute Maid Park’s announcing booth. “At first, I thought it was one of those scams where they give you a press pass that isn’t real, but the guy assured me it was legit. I was pretty nervous until I got in, though. The price was steep, but this is game seven of the World Series, and turns out these are the best seats in the house, just like he said. I asked the guy if he really wanted to miss this game, but he said he was tired of watching at the stadium and would be happier curled up on the couch at home—and that’s strike two on Springer, swing and a miss.” Buckley added that while the food in the press box was great, the guy announcing the game in the seat next to him was “kind of a dick.”

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