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Astute Movie Viewer Can Tell Dog Not Really Talking

LA GRANGE, IL—Demonstrating his extensive knowledge of the film industry, astute moviegoer Xavier Hoffman was reportedly able to discern Wednesday that the dog on screen was not really talking. “It may look real to the untrained eye, but if you look very closely, you’ll notice that they’re lips aren’t actually moving,” said Hoffman, who pointed out that although the golden retriever’s head occasionally jerked to and fro as the character addressed the others on screen, for the most part, the dog actor’s mostly panting mouth did not line up with the dialogue of the film. “Yep, that’s fake. Back in the day, Hollywood used to use real talking dogs all the time, but I guess they’re too cheap and just cut corners now. I only know because I watch so many movies. Another trick you can use is to look up the credits. I’ll give it to them though, they almost had me. That said, the cat is actually talking.” At press time, Hoffman added that at the very least, the filmmakers were using lip-synching.

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