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Awkwafina Announces Plans To Return To Africa To Connect With Roots Following Twitter Departure

LOS ANGELES—Expressing a need to recharge and do some soul-searching in light of recent controversy, actress and rapper Awkwafina announced plans Thursday to return to Africa to connect with her roots following her departure from Twitter. “It’s time that I finally journey home to the birthplace of my ancestors in order to truly understand where my people come from,” said Awkwafina, explaining that growing up in Queens never gave her the opportunity to authentically experience her own culture decontextualized from Americanization. “If I don’t take the time to reconnect with my brothers and sisters in the motherland, how can I fully appreciate my heritage? There’s never been a better time for me to trace my lineage back to a specific African tribe. I know right now people have a lot of thoughts on who they think I am, but I know this trip will change me for the better as I connect with my people.” At press time, Awkwafina was heard praising how much her culture had accomplished by starting the Harlem Renaissance.

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