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Christopher Nolan Still No Closer To Understanding End Of ‘Tenet’ After Watching Dozens Of YouTube Explainer Videos

LOS ANGELES—Visibly exhausted from his hours-long binge, Christopher Nolan was reportedly still no closer to understanding the end of Tenet Tuesday after watching dozens of YouTube explainer videos. “Wait, so what the hell was that turnstile thingy?” said Nolan, pausing a 35-minute long video and rubbing his eyes as he compared the elaborate diagram on screen to the copy he had scrawled down on a napkin in front of him. “It’s like some kind of time machine? That lets the nameless man run backward? And Robert Pattinson is a little boy? Either I’m stupid, or this plot makes no sense. I’ve watched, like, nine videos on the temporal pincer alone, and I still can’t make heads or tails of it. Jesus Christ, this is so convoluted. It’s almost worse than Inception.” At press time, Nolan admitted that The Prestige was the last one of his movies that he had really understood.

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