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Cleveland Indians Game Delayed As Slider Goes Into Labor On Field

CLEVELAND—Halting play and rushing team doctors on field after the mascot reported feeling painful contractions, the Cleveland Indians were forced to delay a game Tuesday after Slider began to go into labor on the field. “After we saw this purple viscous puddle on the grass, we realized Slider’s water had broken. We thought there would be time to rush to the hospital, but it soon became clear that Slider’s baby wasn’t going to wait,” said Indians spokesperson Holly Perez, adding that the initial panic followed by stunned silence as the onlooking fans watched the Indians first base coach lay Slider down on the field and provide comfort while doctors rushed out blankets and equipment. “We knew Slider was due to give birth soon, but this little miracle ended up coming almost a week ahead of schedule. Despite the stress, it was beautiful to watch the team come together, with Zach Plesac holding Slider’s hand and Terry [Francona] encouraging Slider to push. We’re so excited to welcome Slider’s new baby, Brandon Michael, to the Cleveland Indians family.” Perez also confirmed that Slider would be absent for the rest of the regular season for maternity leave.

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