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Compassionate Man Leaves Wife To Give Her Space To Deal With Cancer Diagnosis

TULSA, OK—In an effort to avoid being a burden during such a difficult time, compassionate local man Arnold Lazenby told reporters Wednesday that he was leaving his wife to give her the space she needs to deal with her recent cancer diagnosis. “Learning she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer has upended Lisa’s entire world, and the last thing she needs right now is for our marriage to crowd her while she works through her grief,” said Lazenby, whose deep empathy for his wife’s situation led him to quickly pack up his things and leave in the dead of night so she could process the news in peace. “Lisa’s feelings come first in all this. I know how devastating cancer can be, and she doesn’t need me bugging her during that. She has enough on her plate as it is. I’m more than happy to take point on the divorce filings if that’s how I can support her. She might not have that long, and I’m sure she’d rather spend whatever time she has left surrounded by people who love her. I’m not taking the kids, so they’ll be around to care for her as she gets worse and help her find new health insurance now that she’s off mine. That’s what family’s for. It’s going to be absolute hell for them to lose their mother so suddenly, and I don’t want to intrude on that either.” Noting that Lisa’s diagnosis had given him newfound appreciation for the fragility of human life, Lazenby added that he’d definitely be holding his girlfriend Monica a little closer tonight.

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