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Critically Acclaimed ‘Ted Lasso’ Episode Just Stock Photos Of People Hugging Each Other

LOS ANGELES—The popular Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso reportedly received an outpouring of critical acclaim Tuesday after the latest episode consisted solely of heartwarming stock photos of people hugging each other. “This is exactly the type of television show America needs right now,” said Alan Sepinwall, a critic for Rolling Stone and one of the many voices who praised the second season’s fifth episode, which featured 30 uninterrupted minutes of generic photographs of various people smiling and embracing each other set to cheerful ukulele music. “Viewers were certainly thrown for a loop when a photo of a guy frowning appeared at the end of the second act, but they swiftly resolved that conflict by cutting to him smiling and giving two thumbs ups, and those are the kind of narrative curveballs you can expect from a show like this. It’s just nice to have a program that centers on empathy and isn’t afraid to put hugging front and center.” At press time, fans of the show were eagerly awaiting the season finale, which was rumored to feature a single image of a duckling.

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