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Critics Demand Terrible TV Show Squander Talents Of More Diverse Cast

COLUMBUS, OH—Noting that the series’ slate of performers was overwhelmingly caucasian, critics of ABC’s The Goldbergs demanded Monday that the show squander the talents of a more diverse cast. “There are really only so many opportunities for minorities out there, so it’s unfortunate that this popular show wouldn’t give some up-and-coming black performers the chance to be completely wasted,” said critic Alice Pemberton, pointing to elements such as annoying, first-thought jokes and an expectation of overly broad delivery that could just as easily go to a person of color. “It’s honestly offensive to spend every week groaning at such a lily-white cast stooping to this level of what passes for entertainment when an actor of Latinx or East Asian extraction could just as easily be sleepwalking through this exhausting exercise in forced nostalgia.” Pemberton added that she was equally outraged that the show hadn’t hired more minority writers to bring their unique perspective to contrived misunderstandings that lead to a wacky adventure.

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