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Curt Schilling Insists He’d Already Be Hall Of Famer If MLB Never Racially Integrated

MEDFIELD, MA—Criticizing the Baseball Writers’ Association of America for factoring social justice into their decision-making process, retired pitcher Curt Schilling insisted Wednesday that he’d already be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame if the MLB had never racially integrated. “I wish the media would put their liberal bias aside and look at the numbers I put up in the era of Black players,” said Schilling, who claimed that his Hall-of-Fame case had been negatively affected by his outspoken views, including those on the “sanctity” of pre-integration baseball. “It’s sad to see Cooperstown become yet another beloved American institution that’s been crushed by the left. The MLB has made it clear that they want nothing to do with white players like me, so I’d rather they just take my name off the ballot entirely. I’m sure they’ll be happy to roll out the red carpet for undeserving players who fit their identity politics like Derek Jeter.” At press time, Schilling slammed the Boston Red Sox, his former team, for “caving to the woke mob” when they became the last franchise to integrate in 1959.

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