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DeWalt Ad Shows How Efficiently Power Saw Can Rip Through Human Rib Cage

BALTIMORE—Highlighting the product’s strength and versatility, a new television commercial from industrial tool manufacturer DeWalt demonstrates how efficiently one of the company’s popular power saws can rip through a human rib cage. “The XR Power Detect cordless circular saw from DeWalt can cut through just about anything: oak, maple, pine, the thoracic cage protecting the vital organs, you name it,” says a voiceover in the 30-second spot, which goes on to state that the power saw can carve a clean line straight through from the sternum to the pelvis, while the leading brands almost always get stuck mid-cut in a tangle of intestines. “With the long-lasting battery, you can tear into multiple torsos for hours on end, while the blade’s safety guard and saw plate keep bone shards and blood spatter neatly contained. It makes a great gift for that family member who spends all day in his workshop tinkering around with messy disembowelment projects. Sound like anyone you know?” The ad also describes DeWalt’s 20-volt rotary hammer drill as a handy counterpart to the saw, perfect for jobs that require substantial impact force at a high rate, like puncturing a skull.

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