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Dolphins Fan Starting To Think Brian Flores Not Chief Architect Of Patriots’ Success

MIAMI—After giving up 43 points in a shut-out game this past weekend, local Dolphins fan Derrick Gomez confirmed Wednesday that he was beginning to think that Miami head coach Brian Flores was not the main driving force behind the New England Patriots’ years of success. “It seemed like a big win for us, at first, getting the guy we assumed was responsible for all those titles, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s not the once-in-a-generation coaching genius I thought he was,” said Gomez, who had assumed that hiring Flores would be the start of a 15-year Dolphins dynasty. “You get someone with that pedigree of being a linebackers coach for a championship team and you think you’ve got a sure thing. I was so excited to think it was all happening, that we got the big dog, Brian Flores, but now I don’t know. I’m just starting to question whether he had anything to do with Tom Brady’s on-field dominance at all.” At press time, Gomez had cursed himself for not realizing that the Lions had lucked out by landing the real architect behind New England’s success in Matt Patricia.

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