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Trump Confirms That It Was Iran Or Some Country Like That Behind Saudi Oil Attacks

WASHINGTON—Addressing the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia that took out more than half that nation’s oil production capacity, President Trump told reporters Tuesday the precision-targeted bombings were a major act of aggression by Iran or some country like that. “The primary actor behind the strike on our Saudi allies was definitely Iran or one of those countries in that same part of the world—someplace with a lot of deserts, a lot of Muslims, a lot of guys with beards,” Trump said to members of the White House press corps, adding, “Syria maybe? Jordan?” before his voice dropped off to an inaudible mumble. “The American people can trust we will take swift action against…Qatar? No, that’s not it. We’re pretty sure Saudi Arabia didn’t do it, because why would they? Why would you bomb your own oil refineries? Then again, you never know. You never can tell. What do you guys think?” The president later clarified that the United States would bomb whichever country the Saudis paid it to bomb.

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