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Houseguest Offended After Host Only Offers Rawhide To Dog

SAN JOSE, CA—Saying she felt insulted and completely disrespected, area houseguest Laura Dempster told reporters Tuesday she was offended when her host, Paul Pulte, only offered rawhide to her dog. “Call me petty, but I found it incredibly rude that Paul would give the dog a rawhide and snub me,” said Dempster, admitting that she felt a little hurt at how unwelcoming it was that he didn’t even ask if she wanted a dry, chewy piece of animal skin. “I was traveling all day, and I really could have used a pick-me-up rawhide. I tried dropping hints about how much the dog looked like he enjoyed it, but Paul just sat there. I even went so far as to roll over and play dead, and still nothing.” At press time, Dempster got back at her host by pissing on his rug.

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