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‘I’d Trade All Of This For An NBA Title In A Heartbeat,’ Says Patrick Ewing To Georgetown Players Before First Tournament Game

INDIANAPOLIS—Opening up to his team before their first round match up against Colorado, Georgetown head coach Patrick Ewing reportedly told his players Saturday, “I would trade all of this for an NBA title in a heartbeat.” “Whether this is your first March Madness tournament or your last, just know that it ultimately pales in comparison to an NBA title,” said Ewing, arguing that if he had won the Larry O’Brien trophy, he “sure as hell” would not be stuck coaching college basketball. “Let me assure you, I would not even be here if I’d lifted that Finals MVP trophy above my head. I truly believe that this team can compete with anyone, but an NCAA Title would be nothing more than a consolation prize.” At press time, Ewing told his players that cutting down the nets after his NCAA title win in 1984 was one of the most meaningless memories of his life.

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