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Injured Jaguar Praying It’s Season Ending

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Clutching his thigh and screaming in pain in hopes of willing his hamstring into being torn, Jaguars corner Shaquill Griffin was praying Sunday that his injury would be season ending. “The doctor was smiling as they carted me off the field; I hope he was just doing that to make me feel better,” said Griffin, who claimed that going down after a brutal collision only to hear you could be back on the field by October was every Jaguar’s nightmare. “As soon as I went down, I could tell it was only going to be a month, six weeks if I can milk it. You come into the season with so much promise thinking you could be cut loose, but now I can only hope God looks over me and I end up on the IR.” At press time, Griffin was slamming the Jaguars medical staff for their incompetence after being told he could return next week.

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