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‘God Has A Plan For Me,’ Says Man Who Was Drafted By The Orlando Magic

ORLANDO, FL—Praising the Lord for the divine guidance on his journey, former Gonzaga point guard Jalen Suggs, a man who was drafted by the Orlando Magic, told reporters Wednesday that God has a plan for him. “Everything that happened was meant to be, and I have faith that God in all his goodness is looking out for me,” said the man who will now have to spend the next several years of his life living in central Florida and playing for a franchise that squandered the prime of several generational superstars. “It’s been a tough year, but you have to keep believing and hold on to the knowledge that God is looking out for you. God is great [and spending my time on a middling team made up mostly of people who play the exact same position is proof], he loves me and wants the best for me.” At press time, God was mapping out a plan for Suggs to go down with an ACL tear in the second month of the season.

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