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James Harden, Chris Paul Deny Rumors Of Discord, Say They Are Fully Committed To Team At State Farm

HOUSTON—Attempting to set the record straight about reports of a toxic work relationship between the two players, James Harden and Chris Paul publicly denied rumors of discord Friday and reiterated that they remain fully committed to the team at State Farm Insurance. “Things may get heated from time to time, but at the end of the day, we both know all we want success for State Farm,” said Harden in a statement to the press, hoping to assure fans that they would be seeing the pair bouncing jokes off each other in State Farm commercials for years to come. “Sure, sometimes we might clash over the artistic direction of a commercial or if someone accidentally steps on someone else’s line, but it’s all done out of love for State Farm. Even though we may lose our heads now and then, we’re still very passionate about our performance in these commercials. We’re both in this for the long haul and want to build a real legacy here.” Harden and Paul both agreed that with a little more investment in new talent, State Farm could end up as the number-one insurance company in the country.

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