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Obamas Sign Exclusive 6-Truck Deal To Produce Series Of Mid-Size RAM Pickups

AUBURN HILLS, MI—Touting their excitement over the rare opportunity to offer a motor vehicle developed with the signature sense of style of a former leader of the free world, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of North America announced Tuesday that Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a multimillion-dollar six-truck contract to produce a series of mid-size RAM pickups. “For the 2021 model year, we will roll out a new series of medium-platform RAM trucks in six trim levels, all with clean-sheet designs masterminded by the Obama family, continuing the legacy of the former POTUS and FLOTUS of inspiring Americans through unparalleled power, smooth handling, and class-leading comfort,” said RAM chief of design Joseph Dehner, noting that the trucks would be available in variants from the youth/sport-oriented Malia base model to the luxury Audacity flagship. “The Obama family still has a lot to say about American life, particularly where legroom, wireless device charging, and towing capabilities are concerned, and they were proud to lend their unique voices to RAM’s design vocabulary, as well as to our navigation systems as an added-cost option. With the former first family at the wheel, the new RAM can’t help but bridge the divide between America’s aspiring luxury buyers and economy-minded consumers.” While little else is known concerning the Obama-designed truck, sources at RAM confirmed that power will be provided by Chrysler’s dependable 3.6-liter V-6 engine, pricing will start around $35,000, and styling will include signature red, white, blue, and limited-edition tan colorways.

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