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Jared Goff, Rams Come To Terms On 2-Year Contract Reduction

LOS ANGELES—Finally completing a long-sought move to ensure a winning future for the organization, the Los Angeles Rams and quarterback Jared Goff announced Thursday that they had come to terms on a two-year contract reduction. “We believe this is a win-win for both sides, and are thrilled to get out ahead of future contract disputes and cut down on Jared’s time here,” said Rams general manager Les Snead, who noted that after everything Goff had shown the franchise over the past few years, the quarterback had earned the right to be cut loose. “We want our fans to know we are always willing to do what it takes to win. It’s been a priority to lock Jared into leaving, and this was a better deal than anyone was ever going to offer him. We know he’s excited about being the face of the Raiders’ bench for years to come.” Snead also added that the new contract included generous guaranteed money provisions for every game Goff simply does not attend.

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