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N.Y. Jets Sued For Millions After Using Unlicensed Cheering Sounds From Other Teams

FLORHAM PARK, NJ—Decrying the blatant lifting of audio files for in-stadium noise during quarantine, the New York Jets were sued for millions Friday following the franchise’s unlicensed use of other teams’ cheering sounds. “It is obvious to any listener these sounds of joy and applause were not created by the New York Jets football team,” said Eric Jarvis, an attorney representing several organizations including the Ravens and Seahawks, who claimed the damaged parties had never given permission for the sound of their fans cheering for touchdowns and celebrating interceptions to be used by the Jets. “The Packers and my other clients have worked hard to generate these outpourings of celebratory sound, and for the Jets to lift them like this is outrageous. People that hear this might get the idea that fans support this team, and that is an outright lie. In fact, these sounds being played during Jets games cheapen the entire act of cheering itself, as well as directly harming the value of these franchises and the NFL.” At press time the Jets’ legal team had failed to show at court after accidentally locking themselves out of their office, losing their cell phones, and then inadvertently burning the building down while trying to break back in.

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