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Jim Harbaugh Annoyed He Only Got $5.89 For Selling Back 2020 Playbook To University Bookstore

ANN ARBOR, MI—Staring down at the five-dollar bill in frustration before stuffing it into his wallet, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed Friday that he was annoyed after only getting $5.89 from the university bookstore for selling back his 2020 playbook. “This is bullshit, that thing was like $150, and I barely used it. What a fucking rip-off,” said Harbaugh, who complained that the playbook had been explicitly pushed as mandatory for coaching the Wolverines football program this year even though older used ones are available online. “A couple of pages were a little dog-eared, but that thing was basically in mint condition. And it was pretty much the same playbook they made me buy last year with a few more run-pass options. It’s all just a fucking scam to make money.” At press time, Harbaugh was trying to buy a turkey burger from a campus cafe but was 50 cents short.

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