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LaVar Ball Claims LaMelo Unhappy About Being Left Off NBA’s Top-50 All-Time Team

CHINO HILLS, CA—Saying that the rookie point guard has more than earned the opportunity, LaVar Ball claimed Thursday that his son, LaMelo, was unhappy about being left off the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players Of All Time list. “He’d never say it to his coaches or teammates, but I know my son thinks he deserved to be on that list of all-time greats,” said Ball during an Instagram Live stream, insisting that LaMelo has already clearly surpassed John Stockton’s accomplishments during his first year in the league. “When I look at that top-50 list, I just see a bunch of bums. Why should a 10-time All-Star like Clyde Drexler be ranked over Melo when they’re practically averaging the same numbers? We tried to give it some time because it’s still early in the season, but he knows that he should be on this list by now. My kids aren’t role players, okay? You can’t seriously believe a guy like Oscar Robertson could guard my son.” At press time, Ball told reporters that “if things don’t change” he might be forced to push for LaMelo to be traded to a different league.

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