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Los Angeles Plans To Hold 2028 Olympics In Toronto For The Tax Incentives

LOS ANGELES—In an effort to lessen the financial strain of hosting the Summer Games, officials from the city of Los Angeles announced Tuesday a new plan to hold the 2028 Olympics in Toronto for the tax incentives. “It just makes the most sense when it comes down to our budget—with a little bit of set dressing, Toronto can be made to look just like L.A.,” said L.A. 2028 Organizing Committee Chairman Casey Wasserman of the detailed plans already underway to create convincing replicas of Los Angeles sports venues from Toronto’s existing Rogers Centre, Varsity Centre, and BMO Field. “We couldn’t really say no to the generous tax breaks that the Canadian government gives you, and Toronto has all the necessary infrastructure and a big-city feel that reads as authentic without all the red tape associated with trying to host the Olympics in Los Angeles proper. We’ll get some shots of generic-looking buildings and some B-roll of the Pacific Ocean and Venice Beach that we can cut to between during televised events, and no one will even be able to tell the difference.” Wasserman also pointed out the fact that the past five Winter Olympics have all been hosted in Canada as well.

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