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GOP Warns Loophole In New Bill Could Still Allow Teachers To Sing About Critical Race Theory

MADISON, WI—Alarmed by what they called “a major oversight,” Wisconsin Republicans warned Tuesday that a loophole in a new bill could still allow teachers to sing about critical race theory. “Though the current version of Senate Bill 411 explicitly bars teachers from talking about critical race theory in the classroom, it has been called to my attention that there is not a single clause preventing teachers from indoctrinating our children through original ballads, anthems, or soulful little ditties,” said Wisconsin State Assembly speaker Robin Vos, who urged legislators in the state Senate to take immediate action to amend the bill, lest teachers start dividing students up by soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. “No child should be made to feel guilty about the color of their skin by a teacher singing a Swedish pop song about reparations. They’ll give the Black children the melody and stick the white children with the harmony. The next thing you know they’ll be adding dance moves, and then there’s no coming back—our children are gone.” At press time, Vos also warned the loophole would allow for schools to teach critical race theory through painting, Play-Doh, and crafting paper mobiles.

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