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Man Told He’d Never Make It As Pro Defies Them All By Sucking For 4 Years In AA Ball

HARTFORD, CT—Dedicating his next ground out to all the people who tried to keep him down, minor leaguer Adam Brosseau confirmed Monday that he had defied everyone who said he’d never make it as a professional baseball player by sucking for four years in Double-A. “They said I’d never make it back in high school, but now I’m getting paid $1,700 a month to chase my dreams. I can’t wait to see the looks on all their faces when they see me out there with the Hartford Yard Goats,” said Brosseau, 27, who claimed everyone who told him to give up on baseball must feel pretty embarrassed after watching him bounce around to five separate farm teams. “I bet all those haters are sitting at their desk jobs right now, watching me get stranded on second base and thinking ‘Man, we were stupid for doubting Adam.’ They swore I’d never amount to anything, but look who’s getting the last laugh. How many of them could hit 120 pop flies over the course of three seasons?” At press time, Brosseau was confronting his latest doubter by asking the manager at Home Depot not to fire him and promising he would not be late for another shift again.

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