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‘I Could Spare Some Change,’ Says Man About To Become Buttigieg Campaign’s Top Black Donor

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA—Surpassing the contribution of an African American woman who accidentally dropped a quarter in front of the presidential candidate’s headquarters last summer, local man Leonard Thompson unknowingly became Pete Buttigieg’s top black donor Friday after he tossed a few coins into a campaign volunteer’s hand. “What was that? Oh, sure, I could spare some change,” said Thompson, who, presuming the young Buttigieg canvasser speaking to him must represent a charity of some kind, fished into his pocket for the $1.17 worth of currency that would cause him to skyrocket to the top of the South Bend, IN mayor’s list of African American contributors. “I know that’s a lot of dimes, hope that’s okay. Oh, whoops, sorry about that paperclip in there! Ha, ha. No—no, I’m not interested in a pamphlet, but thanks anyway. I have to go now, all right? You have a good day.” At press time, sources confirmed Thompson was unaware his image was now prominently featured on the page of Buttigieg’s website touting the candidate’s plan to empower black America.

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