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Man Way Too Deep Into Fantasy League To Ask What ‘PPR’ Means Now

CUDDEBACKVILLE, NY—Estimating that the rule change had been made at least five seasons ago, local fantasy football player Gregg Holiday revealed Thursday that he was way too deep into his fantasy league to ask what the acronym “PPR” stood for now. “I don’t know, man, I’ve always thought it was ‘play perception ratio,’” said Holiday, who insisted that the gap in knowledge hadn’t stopped his team from a strong 5th-place finish last year. “I took a look at the PPR big board and it was all the same guys on my regular cheat sheet. What gives? It might have something to do with quarterbacks—‘points for passer rating?’ I’m way too far gone to check now.” At press time, Holiday reached out to the league commissioner to ask what “TD” stood for.

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