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Megan Fox Worried Machine Gun Kelly Only With Her To Meet Transformers

LOS ANGELES—Plagued by thoughts that her new boyfriend might be using her, Megan Fox confirmed Thursday that she was worried Machine Gun Kelly was only with her to meet the Transformers. “He says he loves me, but it’s hard to feel secure when he spends half the time asking when he’s going to meet Bumblebee and Optimus Prime,” said Fox, who noted that although she had explained to him multiple times that the Autobots were more of work friends than “friend friends,” the rapper had persisted in dropping hints like “I’m throwing a party I think Megatron would love” or “Do you know what restaurants Ironhide likes to eat at?” “Sometimes it feels when we’re talking that he’s not even listening to me, he’s just waiting for a chance for me to stop talking so he can ask if I have Shockwave or Laserbeak’s number—which is super awkward because I wasn’t even in that third film. It’s just really going to suck if I find out the Transformers are what he’s been after this whole time, especially because that’s the reason my marriage ended.” At press time, Machine Gun Kelly told reporters that he was worried Fox was only with him to attend the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.

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